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Garbo: The Spy

Garbo: El spía
Spain, 2009

Prod.: Edmon Roch
Scr.: Maria Hervera, Isaki Lacuesta, Edmon Roch
Phot.: Joachim Bergamin, Gabriel Guerra, Bet Rourich
Music: Fernando Velázquez
Distributor: Ikiru Films
88 mins
This is the story about "the greatest actor in the world". He perpetrated the greatest fraud of the Second World War – fooling the German High Command into believing that the Normandy landings were just a diversionary feint, and that the real invasion would take place in the Pas de Calais. He had offered his services to the British to "help them out" – but his naïve plan had failed. Far from being discouraged, he turned to the Germans and managed to convince them that he could spy for the Nazi cause. To the Nazis he was Codename: Alaric. To the British he was simply Garbo. To the world he was a mystery. But 30 years after the facts and fiction, the cloak of mystery that kept him hidden and tied to Alaric and Garbo finally started to unravel. Nigel West, noted English Spy novelist, started out on a journey to expose the truth about the man born Juan Pujol and uncovered a story so amazing that it could only be true. The man who the world thought to be dead and buried in Angola in 1949, looked pretty spry when discovered in South America 35 years after his burial. This is the story of Garbo.



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