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Happily Never After

USA, 2012

Prod.: Charity Baker
Scr.: Jamie Heinrich
Phot.: Ryan Baker
Music: Jeff Dodson
Cast: Jason Carrougher, Katherine Bending, Ryan Wichert, Ben Rice, Cassie Pennington, Karen Owen
Distributor: Raven Banner
78 mins
Cole Killian is a former athlete who now fancies himself a photographer. He’s on the lookout for something special to satisfy his bratty 13-year-old daughter on her upcoming birthday. During a chance encounter with an old flame from high school, Cole discovers a child he never knew he had. He attempts to forge a relationship with his “new” son Bo using some dodgy methods, creating a video diary of their interactions. But when Cole becomes attracted to Bo’s new girlfriend, the bounds of family love are truly tested as the unexpected consequences come crashing down on Cole, Bo, and everyone else involved in the scheme.

Director Jamie Heinrich’s script, based on his short film Happily Ever After, abandons the goofy humor that underscored the earlier work for a more dramatic, sobering tone.

14-04 18:30

18-04 21:00




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