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Finland, 2011

Prod.: Márton Jelinkó
Scr.: Eira Virekoski, Márton Jelinkó
Phot.: Heini Mäntylä
Music: Toni Teivaala
Cast: Heidi Lindén, Kristiina Puukko, Juha Arola, Outi Ikonen, Tatu Siivonen, Ville Lumioksa, Risto Mikkala
Distributor: Outline Studios
95 mins

Indebted tells the story of two women, Elli, a university student, who is struggling to pay her bills and Iris, who is trying to fit into the small chauvinist milieu of a criminal gang that she has been forced into. While Elli, a wild party animal, discovers that she might as well be paid for sex by her one-night stands, Iris, the macho girl, gradually falls in love with Andrei, one of her criminal mates. When Elli actually hooks up with Andrei and they start to plan a future together, it becomes too much for Iris to bear. She declares war on the unsuspecting Elli, but before she can actually put it into action, events that no one expects propel the women to work together for both of their survival.

In original language, with Hungarian and English subtitle. 

Q&A with the director and Heidi Lindén producer/actress: 15th April, 19.00, Toldi, after the screening.

Q&A with the director: 18th April, 18.00, KINO, after the screening.

15-04 19:00

18-04 18:00




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