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Territoire perdu
France, Belgium, 2011

Prod.: Michel David, Anne Deligne, Daniel De Valck
Scr.: Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd
Phot.: Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd
Ed.: Philippe Boucq
Music: Alain Cabaux
Distributor: Zeugma Films
B&W and colour
75 mins

Straddling a 2,400-kilometer-long wall constructed by the Moroccan army, the Western Sahara is today divided into two sections — one occupied by Morocco, the other under the control of the Sahrawi National Liberation Movement’s Polisario Front. Drawing from stories of flight, exile, interminable waiting and the arrested, persecuted lives on both sides of that wall, this film bears witness to the Sahrawi people, their land, and their entrapment.

In aesthetic, Lost Land resonates like a score that juxtaposes sonorous landscapes, black-and-white portraits and nomadic poetics.




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