19th Titanic Filmfestival

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France, 2011

Prod.: Sophie Erbs
Scr.: Valerie Massadian
Phot.: Léo Hinstin, Valerie Massadian
Cast: Kelyna Lecomte, Marie Delmas, Alain Sabras
Distributor: Gaijin
68 mins

Perhaps we were all once a child’s height, but most of us have forgotten how to see the world through a child’s eyes. Discover Nana, a quiet and innocently voyeuristic look at the way a four-year-old sees the world she lives in. Set in the modest, yet poetic landscape of rural France, this character-driven narrative chronicles the daily activities of Nana. Tucked away in the woods, she lives in a stone cottage with her Mama. Together they collect wood, make fires, bathe, and read books before bedtime. However, Nana is a surprisingly independent child, content with playing alone, amusing herself through her imagination and intrapersonal dialogue. But when she returns home from school one day to a house of silence, we find out how truly self-sufficient she can be. Watching Nana is like spying on a child who doesn’t know you’re watching them – a little enchanting, yet at the same time, a little heartbreaking.




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