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Oslo, August 31st

Oslo. 31. august
Norway, 2011

Prod.: Hans-Jørgen Osnes, Yngve Sæther
Scr.: Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, Eskil Vogt
Phot.:  Jakob Ihre
Music: Torgny Amdam, Ola Fløttum
Cast: Anders Borchgrevink, Anders Braaten, Hans Olav Brenner, Malin Crepin
Distributor: Cirko Film
95 mins
The film starts with a portrait of Oslo made from film excerpts and Norwegian archive materials showing the city through the decades. Yet Oslo, August 31st is not the story of a city, but the contemplative portrait of Anders, a man who can no longer feel connected to himself or the city. Wandering in an Oslo that is in perpetual mutation, Anders meets people who prefer video game’s instead of coping with real problems. This drama without a climax, shows how Anders' existence has been whitewashed by his attempts to reach perfection -ignoring religion, learning the piano and writing with talent. In his endeavor to be different from the masses, Anders’ behavior takes extreme measures.

Oslo, August 31st is a poetic story and a melancholic depiction of a whole generation, lost in a fast moving world.

17-04 19:00

19-04 18:00




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