19th Titanic Filmfestival

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Ireland, 2010

Prod.: Katie Holly, Herman Slagter, Kieron J. Walsh, Blinder Film Ltd., Riverpark
Scr.: Tom Hall
Phot.: Benito Strangio
Music: John Carney
Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Luanne Gordon, Patrick Ryan, Kelly Campbell, Owen Roe
Distributor: Element Pictures Distribution
100 mins
The 26-year-old farmer’s son Donal Duggan yearns for sex, but will have to make do with a pile of porn mags he buried beside his meadow. There he masturbates regularly and in secret, with a view of the sheep. However, when his invalid father suddenly dies, this gives him an opportunity to sell the cattle and reorganise his life. Starting with his deflowering. And that’s how he comes into contact with the prostitute Kim. 'It’s not Pretty Woman,' she comments dryly, and that figures. But what starts as a functional transaction also turns into a real relationship. And a business partnership, when Kim sets up her own escort service with Donal’s money. But of course things soon go wrong when money is involved.

In this way, Tom Hall touches on a very topical theme in Irish and European life: the corrupting effect of money and power on someone who hasn’t come across them before.



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