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The Perfect Stranger

El perfecto desconocido
Spain, 2011

Prod.: Miquel Verd, Enric Canals
Scr.: Arturo Ruiz Serrano
Phot.: Nicolas Pinzón Sarmiento
Music: Alejandro Román
Cast: Colm Meaney, Natalia Rodríguez, Guiem Juaneda, Carlos Santos, Ana Wagener
Distributor: High Point Films
94 mins

Mark O'Reilly, a mysterious traveller, arrives in a small village in Majorca and discreetly settles in an old abandoned trade. The residents will soon become very excited believing that Mark plans to reopen the premises and that this will give life to the village. But there is something that nobody has noticed: he has no intention of opening the shop and he doesn't even speak Spanish. The traveller's true intentions on the island are hidden behind an old Polaroid photograph that he has taken there in search of unanswered questions.

Trying to combine humour, drama and mystery, The Perfect Stranger is a film that has attempted to reflect a close, personal world, that still survives in the small mountain villages, where the arrival of a newcomer becomes something that can change many of their lives.

Q&A with the director: 19th April, 18.45, Uránia, after the screening.




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