20th Titanic International Filmfestival


It’s fun to go festivals!

You can be attracted by a poster, adore an image spot, confused by the richness and complexity of the programme. The small details are most exciting: the T-shirts the volunteers wear, who greets the audience, the answers the guests give at Q&As. Where can you switch on the translation machine and where are the main halls and the smaller venues? How much does the coffee cost and when will the Irish party begin and where can you get a beer for the Czech films? How can they screen two films at the same time? And when you are already in the cinema you can feel how it fills up. You can see who sits where, they call out: is there room in the middle? That feeling when the lights go out and projection starts – over and over again.

“...ever since the art of film has been trying to find itself, and sometimes it does succeed, the vast amount of work of art opens up a new universe for mankind: the universe of movies. The screening room: the porch. The square of the screen: the door. And beyond that door, the world that in many of its aspects undoubtedly represents the real world, and at the same time it is profoundly different, based on a smaller number of distinctive features.” –writes philosopher Étienne Souriau.

We are launching the programme of the Hungarian capital’s international film festival for the 20th time. That gives us a reason to celebrate, to reminiscence and to look forward. To surprises, to the magic and the gift of meeting the audience, the filmmakers and the films themselves. We invite everyone to watch our selection for this year, to walk freely in the universe of movies through their senses and their thoughts.

At the 20. Titanic Film Festival you can watch 61 features and 13 shorts, the cream of the contemporary film  world in 5 venues. I recommend this year’s programme to those who are interested at least a little in the “smaller number of distinctive features” of the difference between the real world and the universe of movies. And I would also like to dedicate it to those who help our efforts in any significant way in the past 20 years. It’s fun to go festivals!

György Horváth
Festival director



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