20th Titanic International Filmfestival

How to Follow Strangers

How to Follow Strangers
USA, 2012
Directed by:

How to Follow Strangers
USA, 2012

Dir.: Chioke Nassor
Prod.: Annie Sloan, Sunanda Sachatrakul, Chioke Nassor
Scr.: Chioke Nassor
Phot.: Tyler Ribble
Editor: Amy McGrath
Music: Timothy Bright, Jesse Novak
Cast: Ilana Glazer, Chris Roberti, Wrenn Schmidt, Dan Shaked, Kelly McCreary, Eunice Anderson
86 mins

The film  has two interconnected stories. The first one is inspired by a true account of a woman who died in her Manhattan apartment and remained there a year before her body was found, decomposing in a crisp Chanel suit. A young man named Casey, becomes so obsessed with this urban tragedy that he fakes his own disappearance, wondering if anyone will notice. The second storyline begins when Ellie, a young woman who sees Casey everyday as part of her regular commute actually does notice that he goes missing. When Ellie unintentionally runs into Casey outside of their normal interaction, she begins to follow him, setting off a series of incidents that will bind them together.



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