20th Titanic International Filmfestival

Fine, Thanks

Dakujem, dobre / Fine, Thanks
Slovakia, 2013
Directed by:

Dakujem, dobre/ Fine, Thanks
Slovakia, 2013

Prod.: Mátyás Prikler
Scr.: Marek Leščák, Prikler Mátyás
Phot.: Peter Balcar, Milan Balog
Ed.: Maroš Šlapeta, Cséplő Zsuzsa
Music: Dušan Kozák
Cast: Mokos Attila, Miroslav Krobot, Várady Béla, Vladimír Obšil, Zuzana Mauréry
Distributor: MPhilms
134 mins

Fine, Thanks is a feature-length film, debut feature of the helmer, consisting of three main stories, and an epilogue. The stories take place during the current financial crisis. The first story is focused on Miroslav, a man of means with his own way of dealing with problems in his company, the troubles of his brother, and the sadness of his wife, who is an alcoholic. The second story is about Béla. Béla is a pensioner whose wife died and his children put him in a retirement home because he was no longer needed. The third story is about Béla’s son, Attila. He lost his job and his marriage is falling apart. The film is based on real-life situations that the filmmakers saw around them. The movie applies methods of documentary filmmaking as it reflects the times and the world we live in.



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