20th Titanic International Filmfestival


Ireland, 2012
Directed by:

Ireland 2012

Dir.: Ian Palmer
Prod.: Ian Palmer, Teddy Leifer
Scr.: Ian Palmer
Phot.: Ian Palmer
Edit.: Oliver Huddleston
Music: Jessica Dannheisser, Ilan Eshikeri
Cast: James Quinn McDonagh, Paddy Quinn McDonagh, Michael Quinn McDonagh
Distributor: Content Film International
96 mins

This film follows 12 years in the lives of 3 Irish traveller families and their bitter feuds and fights. The film explores the reasons why they hold these fights and explores the in-depth secret lives of the families, which is barely known to outsiders of the travelling community. A gripping tale of passion and respect and blood bonds that will never end. So much of the fighting we’re used to seeing on the big screen is more violent and bloody than this, but when it’s staged for the cameras, it’s somehow easier to watch. But seeing grown men, trying to punch each other’s lights out in a cold, wet, country lane, under the watchful eyes of a handful of neutral observers, is altogether different. Noses are really getting broken. Blood is really dripping from their wounds.



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