20th Titanic International Filmfestival

Flower Buds

Poupata / Flower Buds
Czech Republic, 2012
Directed by:

Poupata/ Flower Buds
Czech Republic, 2012

Dir.: Zdeněk Jiráský
Prod.: Viktor Schwarcz
Scr.: Zdeněk Jiráský
Phot.: Vladimir Smutny
Music: Michal David, Martin Prikryl, The Prostitutes, Archive
Cast: Vladimir Javorsky, Malgorzata Pikus, Marika Soposka, Josef Laska,
Distributor: Cinemart TV Prague
91 mins

A bleakly gloomy still darkly funny slice of tough life in a snowy and cold remote Czech border town, Flower Buds (Poupata) is packed with a gloriously disparate bunch of dysfunctional folk as they struggle to get by, dream their own modest dreams. At the heart of the story is the Hrdina family, headed by lank-haired father who works as a signalman on the railway, where he engages in his hobby of making matchstick models in bottles. After he meets bottles regularly in the local pub. His wife Kamila cleans toilets at the railway station. The series of interweaving stories are dour, but also bleakly funny at heart – in a rather similar fashion to the UK TV series Shameless, peopled by equally dysfunctional types.



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