20th Titanic International Filmfestival

How to Act Bad

USA, 2012
Directed by:

How to Act Bad
USA, 2012

Dir.: Dima Dubson
Prod.: Dima Dubson
Phot.: Dima Dubson
Ed..: Dima Dubson
Cast: Adam Green
77 mins

How to Act Bad is an intimate film portrait of singer, songwriter, artist, filmmaker, rock star and human being Adam Green. Filmmaker Dima Dubson followed his friend Green for two years and was given access to all aspects of the multi-faceted artist's extraordinary life, both public and private.

Dima Dubson: „I find Adam to be a deeply fascinating and talented artist and person, full of charm and wit who is not afraid to embarrass himself in order to stay true to himself and his creativity. I don't get bored filming him and he's been a good sport in both giving me full access to film him and going along with any ideas I want to try, even if they are bound to make him feel uncomfortable.”

05-04 19:30

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