A Touch of Sin

Tian zhu ding
China, Japan, 2013
Directed by:

Dir.: Jia Zhangke
Prod.: Shozo Ichiyama
Scr.: Jia Zhangke
Phot.: Yu Lik-Wai
Ed.: Matthieu Laclau, Lin Xudong
Music: Lim Giong
Cast: Zhao Tao, Jiang Wu, Wang Baoqiang, Luo Lanshan
Distributor: MK2
129 mins

A Touch of Sin unfurls four stories based on real life incidents - each more disturbing than the other. First is a story of a mineworker who feels cheated and tries to go against his corrupt bosses. He is unintentionally funny and shoots down his bosses. The second is a story of a man who feels power with a gun in his hands. He robs people for money and guns them down. His reasons are not clear and his actions are incomprehensible. The third is the story of a receptionist in a sauna who gives her boyfriend an ultimatum to either divorce his wife or end their relationship. She is assaulted by a drunken client at work and she snaps. The final story is of a young man who tries to find a job with a better future. He lands a job at a weird themed brothel and falls in love with a young prostitute. A Touch of Sin is an outright commercial film. Jia is a strong critique of the class inequalities that exist in China and he presents his view in a deeply cynical manner.

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12-04 19:00


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