Bad Hair

Pelo Malo
Venezuela, Peru, Germany 2013
Directed by:

Dir.: Mariana Rondón
Prod.: Marite Ugas
Scr.: Mariana Rondón
Phot.: Micaela Cajahuaringa
Ed.: Marité Ugás
Music: Camilo Froideval
Cast: Samuel Lange Zambrano, Samantha Castillo, Beto Benites, Nelly Ramos
Hungarian distributor: Cirko Film
93 mins.

Nine-year-old Junior is a boy with a beautiful head of curls in a poor district of Caracas. He doesn’t join in playing football with the local kids, dislikes his curls and dreams of being photographed as a pop star with beautiful straight hair. When he fanatically starts straightening his hair again, his mother - a sacked security guard - gets angry. She’s afraid he’s gay, and that does not bode well in Caracas. While she feels guilty and veers between worried and indifferent, Junior’s grandma doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem. Mariana Rondón observes the fight without judging and in an almost documentary style, as she does Junior’s complicated friendship with a local girl and the mother’s attempts to get her job back. Complex and confusing feelings against the raw background of Venezuela, the film won prizes in Thessaloniki (FIPRESCI) and San Sebastián.


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