Black Soup

Fekete leves
Hungary, 2014
Directed by:

Dir.: Erik Novák
Prod.: Dániel Kresmery, Csanád Darvas
Scr.: Erik Novák
Phot.: Balázs Dobóczy
Ed.: Mano Csillag
Cast: Zoltán Perjes, Gábor Máté, Zsolt Nagy, Simon Szabó, Hermina Fátyol, Erik Novák, András Vágvölgyi B.
Production: Krez Film
100 mins.

A DJ deep in financial troubles gets the opportunity to grab some easy money and he turns to his old buddy and his associates, now sitting in a lunatic asylum to help out with the hold-up. The weirdly recruited team pulls off the job - but soon they have to realize that the money they nicked means more trouble than they thought. The fact that the actors use their name in the film and the dialogues are based on improvisation mixed with the real life personas and problems of the actors contributes to the unique tone of the film, achieving an overlap between reality and fiction. Erik Novák's latest film that builds on his already familiar style is an action-thriller with the underworld theme as its subject, seasoned with black humor.

This independent Hungarian production with a staff of film professionals, lined well-known stars is a completely unprecedented community project where everybody worked for free, in exchange for a share of property.


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