Expedition to the End of the World

Ekspeditionen til verdens ende
Denmark, Sweden, 2013
Directed by:

Dir.: Daniel Dencik
Prod.: Michael Haslund-Christensen
Scr.: Michael Haslund-Christensen, Daniel Dencik, Janus Metz
Phot.: Torben Forsberg, Valdemar Winge Leisner, Martin Munch, Adam Philp
Ed.: Rebekka Lønqvist, Per Sandholt
Music: Danny Bensi, Saunder Jurriaans Mads Heldtberg
Distributor: Haslund Film
90 mins.

A real adventure film - for the 21st century. On a three-mast schooner packed with artists, scientists and ambitions worthy of Noah or Columbus, we set off for the end of the world: the rapidly melting massifs of North-East Greenland. An epic journey where the brave sailors on board encounter polar bear nightmares, Stone Age playgrounds and entirely new species. But in their encounter with new, unknown parts of the world, the crew of scientist and artists also confronted the existential questions of life. Stunningly shot with breathtaking vistas of glaciers and ice floes and a playful soundtrack that ranges from Mozart to Metallica, the epic journey throws up a whole range of new experiences for its crew, all of whom have a fascinating perspective on their experiences, which they share with curiosity, pathos and a liberating splash of humour.


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