Here Comes The Devil

Ahí va el diablo
Mexico, 2012

Dir.: Adrián García Bogliano
Prod.: Andrea Quiroz Hernández
Scr.: Adríán García Bogliano
Phot.: Ernesto Herrera
Music: Julio Pillado
Editor: Carmen Vargas
Cast: Francisco Barreiro, Laura Caro, Michele García, Alan Martinez
Distributor: MPI Media Group
 97 mins.

Felix and Sol are normal, young parents who are on vacation with their children, Sara and Adolfo, in Tijuana, Mexico. On the way home, the couple allows the kids to explore a hillside near the rest stop unattended. The kids enter a dark cave on the hill and disappear. Felix and Sol work with the local authorities to conduct a search but the nightmare only comes when the children are found and returned to the hotel. Sol and Felix become more and more convinced of something evil at work behind Sara and Adolfo’s disappearance, a palpable sense of dread builds as paranoia sinks in. In Here Comes The Devil there are not only women in various stages of undress, but plenty of twists, keeping the audience off balance and unsure of what to make of various bits of information through the horrific and shocking end.

05-04 21:00

11-04 19:00


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