Jacky in the Kingdom of Women

Jacky au royaume des filles
France, 2014
Directed by:

Dir.: Riad Sattouf
Prod.: Anne-Dominique Toussaint, Les Films des Tournelles
Scr.: Riad Sattouf
Phot.: Josée Deshaies
Ed.: Virginie Bruant
Music: Riad Sattouf
Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vincent Lacoste, Michel Hazanavicius, Laure Marsac, Didier Bourdon
Distributor: The Festival Agency
87 mins.

In the People's Democratic Republic of Bubunne, the women are in power. They rule the country, while the men - clad in robes from head to toe - take care of the households. Things are not very democratic; the 'Generale' rules with an iron fist - opponents are hanged. In this strange country, where horses are worshipped and the national cuisine is a slimy gruel, Jacky gets ready for the Grand Ball, at which the Generale's daughter (Charlotte Gainsbourg) will choose a husband. Jacky fervently hopes he will be chosen, but he's not the only candidate.

In his second feature film, cartoonist Riad Sattouf, who made his directing debut with the award-winning The French Kissers, challenges common assumptions about men and women. The satirical story is not only witty, but often very sharp in its radical switching of gender roles. It's also a romantic fairytale, brimming with black humour and with a particularly surprising end.


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