Les apaches

Les apaches
France, 2013
Directed by:

Dir.: Thierry de Peretti
Prod.: Igor Alexis Wojtowicz
Scr.: Thierry de Peretti, Benjamin Baroche
Phot.: Hélène Louvart
Ed.: Pauline Dairou
Music: Cheveu
Cast: Aziz El Hadachi, François-Joseph Cullioli, Hamza Meziani, Maryne Cayon
Distributor: Pyramide Films
81 mins

On the island of Corsica, a tension constantly simmers between the wealthy tourists and the lower-class locals. Aziz and his friends aren’t considering any of this when they break into an empty seaside house, looking for some illicit fun and a pool to lounge beside. But when the owners arrive for their vacation, there are dire consequences for the teenagers, who prove exceedingly easy to track down. Unbeknownst to Aziz, his pals also stole a pair of hunting rifles during the break-in, and might not be as loyal to him as he is to them.

An atmospheric thriller simmering with adolescent sexuality, Les Apaches explores aspects of French culture that the mainstream cinema often ignores. The title refers to the slang term used by Paris police for juvenile delinquents, and the film, whose young characters are of Arab and Moroccan descent, narrows in on the subject of racial tension with considerable intelligence and nuance.


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