Omega, Omega

Omega, Omega
Hungary, 1982

Dir.: Miklós Jancsó
Scr.: Gyula Hernádi
Phot.: Iván Márk
Music: Omega band
Cast: Omega band
72 mins.

The movie was made about the 1982 November concert of the band Omega at the Budapest Sport Hall. The songs are intercepted by interviews made with the members of the band by Gyula Hernádi, Jancsó’s friend and frequent collaborator.

The film Omega, Omega does just simply record a concert. It’s not your regular concert film. It’s not a film dealing with the band and referring to the history of a movement, like the one Gábor Koltay made about Illés. And it does not want to state more or to understand the phenomenon like the interviews and essays or documentaries researching the social-psychological, social, historical reasons behind it (there are Hungarian examples as well to that, like Extázis 7-től 10-ig by András Kovács). Jancsó depicts the Omega concert with his unique artistic approach and corresponding composition and through that the contemporary beat culture, whether it was his conscious artistic intention or not. He neither absolves or conceals, but dramatically expresses the contradictions of the Hungarian beat: a movement expressing rebellion, pointlessness or perplexity becomes an officially recognized branch of entertainment industry awarded with tons of prizes.

Omega, Omega does not rank as one of Jancsó's greatest, most important works. It’s little more than a by-product of his career, an ironic critique of a social phenomenon. That’s why it’s so important: it shows that if Jancsó approaching that phenomenon, his talent and original vision can transform any subject of genre. - Judit Bárdos


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