Only in New York

Only in New York
USA, France, Turkey, 2013
Directed by:

Dir.: Ghazi Albuliwi
Prod.: Faruk Olzerten, Philippe Akoka, Alain Peyrollaz
Scr.: Ghazi Albuliwi
Phot.: Ahmet Sesigurgil
Ed.: Philip Welch
Music: Marc Durst
Cast: Hiam Abbas, Omer Barnea, Ghazi Albuliwi, Thom Bishops, Mark Lucaj
Distributor: Eye on Films
86 mins.

Only in New-York is the story of Arafat Sulliman - a thirty something years old Arab New Yorker. He still lives at home with his parents who are desperate to marry him off to a Muslim bride. Arafat is horny and lonely. In order to get rid of his porn addiction he starts attending SCA (Sexual Compulsives Anonymous) meetings in the city. Comes Kenny - a single New Yorker - and he becomes Arafat's sponsor during his recovery period. One night during a Sex and the City tour in the city, Arafat and Kenny manage to hook up with two Southern chicks. Arafat takes one of the girls to his parents home. Father catches them while having sex causing Arafat a big embarrassment and sexual frustration. After these events, Kenny finally makes his offer to Arafat. A Green Card Marriage! But with an Israeli girl.


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