Sepideh – Reaching for the Stars

Sepideh – Drømmen om stjernerne
Denmark, 2013
Directed by:

Dir.: Berit Madsen
Prod.: Stefan Frost, Henrik Underbjerg
Scr.: Berit Madsen
Phot.: Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah
Ed.: Peter Winther
/Music: Niklas Schak, Tin Soheili
Cast: Sepideh Hooshyar, Anousheh Ansari, Hadi Hooshyar, Mohammad Hooshyar
Distributor: LevelK
90 mins.

Sepideh is the story of 16‐year‐old Sepideh who wants to become an astronaut. Fuelled by a promise to her dead father to follow her dream and by the encouragement of her teacher of physics Mr. Kabiri, Sepideh spends her days studying astronomy and her nights watching the stars. But pursuing her ambition is easier said than done for the young Iranian woman who is tied by family and cultural traditions. But Sepideh is strong‐willed. In her mind she is teamed up with Albert Einstein and with her idol Anousheh Ansari, an exiled Iranian woman who became the world’s first female space tourist. And although just a teenager, Sepideh is on the road of becoming the best amateur astronomer in Iran. But reality is kicking in: The family is out of money, the uncle blames it all on Sepideh. At the same time suitors are knocking on the door, in her despair Sepideh throws a last ball of hope…

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