The Reunion

Sweden, 2013
Directed by:

Dir.: Anna Odell
Prod.: Mathilde Dedye
Scr.: Anna Odell
Phot.: Ragna Jorming
Ed.: Second Assistant Director
Music: Kristin Grundström
Cast: Sandra Andreis, Kamila Benhamza, Anders Berg, Anna Odell, Erik Ehn
Distributor: Swedish Film Institute/French Quarter
89 mins.

In The Reunion, controversial artist Anna Odell has made a debut equally biting, uncomfortable and hilarious, exploring how the hierarchies and power structures we grow up with can shape us as people. Twenty years have passed since class 9C went their separate ways, and excitement is in the air upon the eve of their reunion. But things take a left turn when Anna decides to speak up - to discuss her unpleasant experiences and confront the people who made her childhood miserable.

Using the unclear line between documentary and fiction filmmaking, Anna Odell explores how bullying and its unspoken co-dependency can be equally destructive, the weight of childhood we carry into our adulthood and how uncomfortable it is to be confronted with other peoples’ perception of yourself.


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