The Source Family

The Source Family
USA, 2012

Dir.: Maria Demopoulos, Jodi Wille
Prod.: Holly Becker, Amaryllis Knight
Scr.: Maria Demopoulos, Jodi Wille
Phot.: John Tanzer
Ed.: Jen Harrington and Claire Didier
Music: The Source Family
Distributor: Drag City Film Distribution
98 mins.

For anyone looking to teach a master class in brainwashing techniques, The Source Family might be an excellent place to start. Documenting the hippy-dippy lifestyle and hedonistic principles of Hollywood’s favorite 1970s cult — led by the self-professed guru and suspected bank robber Jim Baker, a k a Father Yod — Maria Demopoulos and Jodi Wille’s disturbing film is an object lesson in psychological manipulation. Working a powerful combo of personal magnetism and easy-to-digest ideas Baker, a former Marine became the superrich father to a band of gorgeous devotees. He used his popular health food restaurant (featured most famously in Annie Hall) as recruitment bait. The commune grew, as did Mr. Baker’s self-delusion and harem of sister wives, until its morning meditations and bizarrely out-there music became too freaky even for people with adoptive names like Om-Ne and Electricity.

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